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Deathworkz Haunt Halloween Festival Proudly Presents.....

Nothing But Losers will be performing LIVE at the Deathworkz Haunt Halloween Festival. October 27th, 2017 - Opening Night 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm, you're NOT going to want to miss it!  

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The DWZ Halloween Festival is looking for a few good volunteers

Yep, we are looking for a few fun volunteers for our event.  Want to volunteer at our festival? Its easy, click HERE and select "general inquiries".  In the subject area type "Volunteer" and in the message section, type your Name and Email address.  We will forward you the Deathworkz Haunt Halloween Festival Volunteer Packet along with more information about meeting.  Thanks so much!  We're looking forward to working with you!    

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The 2017 Deathworkz Chaotic Costume Contest

You didnt think we were going to host a full blown halloween festival without a costume contest did ya???? Check it out............ The 2017 Deathworkz Chaotic Costume Contest

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Check Us Out on Stanislaus County News.Org!

Thank you so much to Jason Starn for sharing his editorial on Modesto Con!  You can check out his report here:  http://stanislauscountynews.org/news/mod-con-2

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The 2017 Deathworkz Chaotic Costume Contest

INTRODUCING THE 2017 DEATHWORKZ CHAOTIC COSTUME CONTEST We couldn’t throw a Halloween festival without...

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You Didnt Think We'd.....

You didnt think we'd go ALL the way until October without giving you a lil something in the meantime did ...

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2017 Tickets Now Available!

Tickets are NOW available!!!  Thank you so much for all your inquiries and  for your patience!   Tickets ...

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Attention Local Bands and DJs!

The Deathworkz Haunt Halloween Festival is looking for a few more great bands and a couple FANTASTIC DJs...

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Press & Media Registration Now Open


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Do YOU Dare? Deathworkz 2017 May Sneak Peek...


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Deathworkz...That moment when the beat drops

Another look behind the curtain at Deathworkz. Just some of the Crazies, having some fun.  Click "Read Mo...

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Deathworkz Haunt Halloween Festival updates!

We know you want to stay up to date with all the latest "up to the minute" news from Deathworkz Haunt Hal...

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Deathworkz is Back???!!! Yes!! We Are!!

Last year was a very sad time for us.  When Modesto closed down our free home haunt after doing it for 16...

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2016 Character Bio - The Triplets

Character bio for 2016 -The Triplets.   Vava, Gigi, and Nana were triplets who shared the same body but...

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2016 Character Bio - Hyde

Character bio for 2016 - Hyde. 17 years ago, a little boy named Hyde was born to parents who TRULY love...

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2016 Character Bio - Sister Agramon

Another Deathworkz character bio for 2016!! Sister Agramon. Years ago there used to be a Mortuary downt...

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2016 Character Bio - Leilah

Character Bio 2016 - Leilah. Leilah was obsessed with spiders. She collected every exotic spider on the ...

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2016 Character Bio - Arwen & Storm

Character Bio 2016 - Arwen & Storm. Arwen and storm were step brother and sister. they grew up in a ...

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